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Frankie’s paintings captivate the viewer as they behold the very places and moments of fleeting light that inspire his work. As participants in an experience, Frankie’s collectors are magically transported to the top of a ridge, valleys and rock walls descending below while Mount Rainier, majestic in her scale and sublime, is bathed in the light of a late afternoon. Standing on the shores of an alpine lake, shrouded in mystery and dark from the shadows cast by massive walls of the surrounding mountain, the beholder takes in the rewards of a long hike. Suddenly a beam of light reveals a motif of nature that might have been overlooked had Frankie not chosen to unveil this spotlight in his painting. Frankie leads his audience towards a new way of looking at nature. They can no longer hike without conjuring memories of the experiences felt while spellbound by the majesty Frankie creates with oil paint. By sharing his experiences of nature’s light, mystery, and drama, Frankie creates an experience for the viewer to make them feel as if they are standing in the places that inspire him.

“The paintings I create entrance my audience to feel the emotions, subtleties, and drama that inspire my vision as a painter.  It is the expression of an experience that defines my work.”

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